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OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY! is a long-overdue, high quality Christmas comedy feature film, where the bad behaviour of The Hangover meets the sass of Bridesmaids with the British appeal of The Full Monty.

The British have a worldwide reputation for bad behaviour fuelled by alcohol, and the peak (or trough) in any year is the Office Christmas Party! So we bring you the Office Christmas Party... for a brewery.

Office Christmas Party! will be fast-paced and funny, with some great set pieces. The strong comedic story and sympathetic characters will entertain large audiences worldwide - anyone who's worked in an office... and anyone who's been to a party.

Experienced producers Dean Fisher and Sean Kelly have appointed BAFTA winning director Nick Wood, a man with a strong and enviable comedy pedigree.



A true story... based on true blarney.

When Mammy Kelly is taken into hospital, 10 year-old Ned's world is shattered. The house is too cold for Mammy to come home, and if she's not there, Daddy won't be home for Christmas. Without firewood, Ned and his nine siblings may never see Daddy again. So Ned, indomitable, a "little fecker", launches an audacious plan... to steal the wicked farmer's fifty foot ash tree.

We are in the process of seeking co-production partners for this exciting project.



The true life story of Larry Grayson, camp 70's TV star whose "overnight success" was the result of forty years' hard slog... and the support of one unstoppable woman.

The first episode script of our multi-part TV project is currently with the BBC Writers' Room.